About Jenavi

JENAVI is one of the largest jewellery companies in Russia.
Founded in 1991, we have grown to be one of the most successful jewellery companies in the region

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During this time, our exclusive collections have caught the eye, hand, ear and neck of women all over the world, making us truly international in our focus.
Our jewellery is made within our own full-cycle production facility in St. Petersburg.
JENAVI jewellery is an organic combination of the latest world trends and the best traditions from the capital of ‘art’ as jewellery, St. Petersburg.
All fashion forecasts and trends are present in our collections at JENAVI, created by our in-house design department.
For the past 27 years, fashion designers and stylists have chosen jewellery created by JENAVI for their fashion shows and campaigns, bringing joy and inspiration to millions of women around the world.
We are regular sponsors of beauty contests and have created many unique, magical masterpieces that emphasizes the contestant’s beauty and uniqueness.
We believe that every woman deserves to find her uniqueness through our jewellery collections.
After all, JENAVI knows what a woman wants.